Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Scary moment...

Scary moment...  Nothing that happened to us, but something that we witnessed.  We were driving north on Main Street in Logan (a four lane city street), when we passed a gigantic double (a full length truck with a full length trailer behind it) bulk material hauler, filled to the brim with road base.  That thing must have weighed 20 tons at minimum.  Just after I passed it, I looked back at it in my mirror – just in time to watch one of those tiny “Smart Cars” cross the street right in front of the truck.  The truck driver locked his tires and honked.  Smoke from the tires filled the air.  The truck was wobbling all over as the driver struggled to keep it under control.  And the “Smart Car” (complete with awesomely stupid driver) just barely made it across before the truck came through.  I don't think the gap between the truck and the car was even a foot.  If that truck had struck the “Smart Car”, I don't think there would have been anything taller than an inch left of the car.

That poor truck driver must have been sweating bullets, and I'll wager he was shouting some choice comments at the driver he nearly killed.  It was scary enough just witnessing this...

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  1. I can relate! About 6 weeks ago I was driving south on I5 in the #1 lane, if you don't count the commuter lane, during the evening commute alongside an 18 wheeler. I didn't see the initial part of the accident but a silver Toyota knocked a motorcyclist who was lane splitting 2-3 into the #3 lane where he and his bike were run over by the 18 wheeler. First thing I was aware of was the sound of the truck crashing over the bike and debris scattering everywhere. I was quite shaken up and called my wife. Wasn't 100% sure of what I'd witnessed. It took a couple of weeks to become comfortable again on the roads, especially near trucks. I posted about it on Facebook and a few people commented who also witnessed it. Everyone was shaken. A normal human reaction.