Monday, May 22, 2017

Paradise ponders: antennas, lunch, and seromas edition...

Paradise ponders: antennas, lunch, and seromas edition...  I worked all day yesterday (and most of the day today) getting my new 1.4 gbps backhaul link installed, configured, aligned, and tested.  And it works!  I've got a solid gigabit connection between the house and my office in the barn.  Unfortunately my existing routers are limiting my use of this, along with the network interface on my laptop.  My new routers arrived today, a day early, so tomorrow I'll be configuring them.  That should get my laptop up to about 250 mbps, the limit of its network interface.  Next time I get a computer (likely sometime next year when Apple releases the updated Mac Pros), it's network interface should handle the whole gigabit stream.  Woo hoo!

Debbie made us a fantastic lunch yesterday.  Simple, but oh-so-good.  Broiled asparagus, a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and chives, and half of a prime ribeye steak.  It still blows me away that we can get prime beef at the butcher counter of our local grocery store – that stuff was next to impossible to get in San Diego unless you went to one of the outrageously expensive fancy beef stores, where that ribeye might set you back $50 or $60.  Here they're a modest premium over choice – but oh so much tastier!  The best part of that meal, though, was the asparagus.  Debbie broiled it after tossing with some olive oil, pepper, and some other spices.  Yum!

This afternoon we had to take Cabo back to the vet to get her seroma drained again.  Once again, no charge.  Poor little girl is filling up with fluid near her spay suture.  This time the vet told us to just let it fill up and don't worry about it – in a week or two it will be reabsorbed.  If Cabo could have understood that, she'd have been very happy to hear it – she doesn't like the vet's office one little bit.

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