Friday, April 28, 2017

Paradise ponders: snow and router table edition...

Paradise ponders: snow and router table edition...  The router table is now complete except for the actual router and it's lifter (they're supposed to arrive today). The rest of the kit went together just as perfectly as the first third.  The only challenging part turned out to be putting that cast iron top on.  That thing was heavy (I'm guessing about 70 pounds), and the bolts that attach it to the stand go up through the bottom of it.  That was a real booger to get on, because the top's mounting holes had to be precisely aligned with the corresponding holes in the stand, and because I couldn't see a darned thing inside the cabinet (no space to get my fat head in there).  The first photo below shows the wood chip box that's supposed to make this router table nearly dust and chip free.  We'll see how well that works!

Our weather today is really hard to believe for being nearly May.  We've had rain, hail, sleet, and snow today, all day long.  Right now it's raining.  It's about 35°F outside, so the snow and sleet aren't sticking very long, thankfully.  Our trees (at right) had some snow on their leaves, though.  But once again, it's wet as heck outside – there's mud everywhere.  Dang.

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