Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The view out our window...

The view out our window ... this morning, at Cottage 44 in Hale Ohia.  We spent the morning down in Hilo, gathering essentials (coffee, tea, poke, wine, etc.).  Next stop: Volcanoes National Park, where I will buy my senior citizen pass. :(

Poke, if you don't know it, is a delightful sort of fish salad.  It's made with raw sushi-grade fish.  That fish is very abundant here, as there is a good-sized fishing industry based in Hilo.  The local grocery store (KTA) carries about 20 varieties of poke on any given day, most of it selling for around $15/pound.  That is an absurdly low price for something that closely resembles very good sushi.  We bought a pound of it this morning, and we've already eaten half of it! :)

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