Thursday, February 2, 2017

Milo's response...

Milo's response ... to the Berkeley riots.  It's excellent.  In particular, I like his point about the irony of this happening at UC Berkeley – where the free speech movement started...

Trump has already floated the notion of stopping all federal funding of Berkeley in response.  The challenge, as always, would be finding the right criteria – and the right judges – to use in determining which institutions of higher education should be defunded. 

I have a proposal for a way to avoid that tough problem: defund them all (to be clear: I'm talking about federal funding).  And yes, I'm serious.  If any particular institution is truly doing a vital job (and I'm very skeptical of that with respect to Berkeley!), then there will be market-based funding available.  If not ... well, then, that institution must not have been all that important to anyone other than its faculty, administrators, and students, then.  So why the hell should taxpayers be funding it?

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