Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Heard on NPR this morning...

Heard on NPR this morning...  I got in my truck this morning to drive home from Home Depot.  When I flipped on the radio, there was a program in progress.  Starting with the first bits I heard, this dialog between an NPR on-the-street reporter (NPR) and a young woman (YW) he approached cold (transcript is from memory, but if it's not perfect it's very close):
NPR: I'm here to see what people on the street think of Bernie Sanders.
YW: Ok.
NPR: What do you think is the first, most important issue that Bernie should tackle?
YW: Auto-correct.  He should fix auto-correct on smart phones.
NPR: (giggling) Yeah, I'd like that fixed, too.  But seriously, what would you want Bernie to do?
YW: I was serious.  I can't think of anything more important than that!
NPR: (still giggling) Well, what about, say, terrorism?
YW: (peeved) What, don't you think terrorists have problems with auto-correct?
NPR: (speechless for a moment, then walking away) I'm so ashamed right now.
The. Doom. Approaches.

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