Thursday, December 15, 2016

Walnut microwave...

Walnut microwave...  A project completed!  Our new microwave is in, and works.  I finished all the related carpentry, including a couple of walnut trim strips that look better than I expected them to.  The photos below show the work as I went along, with the last one showing the finished project:

For the moment, the two walnut strips are being held in place by mounting tape.  That may not prove to be a good long term solution, and in that case I'll be replacing them with magnets.  I want to be able to easily get back into the cabinet should I need to repair anything!

The new microwave has a much more modern user interface than our old one, but it's new to us – so we'll be learning its ins and outs for a while.  Nevertheless we can already appreciate some of the features.  For instance, to reheat anything with the automatic sensor takes just three clicks, all obvious.  Much easier than the old microwave!

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