Friday, December 2, 2016

Product updates...

Product updates...  About a week ago I received six small LED lights that are powered by three AAA batteries (each, of course) and contain a motion sensor.  These had great reviews on Amazon, though some people reported problems with the motion sensor part, and the photocell that keeps them off during daylight.  But for the price ($23.99 for all six, or just $4 each) I figured I wasn't risking much.  Well, I have no idea what the complaints are about!  For me, they work absolutely perfectly.  I used all six to light the stairwell leading from the first floor of my barn to the second floor, and the path through the second floor storage area to my office.  In the early morning when it's pitch black outside, they come on exactly when I need them, and turn off about 10 seconds after I pass them.  They provide plenty of light for me to walk safely, and I no longer have to fumble around with my phone's flashlight mode.  Win!

We've had our new dishwasher now for a couple of months, and if anything our opinion of it has gone up.  Our biggest complaint is that we often accidentally open it while it's running, because we didn't hear it.  The dishes and silverware consistently come out sparkly clean and free of spots, except for those few occasions when we forgot to put soap in, or to refill the rinse agent dispenser.  We've never tried any setting other than the recommended “auto” mode, as it seems to do a perfect job each and every time.  We find the rack arrangements to be quite convenient, and certainly a lot better than any other dishwasher we've ever owned.  The cutlery tray is still our favorite feature – such a silly little thing, but it sure saves a lot of hassle.  The price is steep, for sure – but we'd unhesitatingly recommend this unit to anyone who can afford it.

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