Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Paradise ponders, tundra edition...

Paradise ponders, tundra edition...  It was cold this morning, 9°F when I got up.  I got a small surprise when I got out to my office this morning: it was about 65 (instead of the 73 the thermostat is set to), and the display on my little heat pump's inside component said “P3”.  I had to look that up.  It means “It’s too damned cold outside for the compressor to work!”  So I fired up my wood stove for the first time this year.  I suspect it won't be the last. :)  It's a toasty 75 in here now.

Yesterday as we returned from our trip up Blacksmith Fork Canyon we passed a group of people on the east side of State Highway 165, just north of our home.  They were sledding on a hill in an alfalfa field there, which happens to be almost the perfect slope and length for sledding – with short slopes for the little ones, and more challenging longer slopes for the older kids.  It seems to be the most popular place for sledding in the area.  After we got home, I noticed that several neighbors had their snowmobiles out in our 12 acre south field, which is almost perfectly flat and square – perfect for that purpose.  I took down the barbed wire fence on the west side of the field this fall, hoping to make it a bit nicer for people to play on in the winter, and that appears to have worked, as I can see several places where snowmobiles crossed over where there used to be a nasty fence.  People around here assume that it's ok to play on property that isn't plainly marked “no trespassing” – and if you did mark your property, people would think there's something weird about you.  I like this! :)

At right is the driftwood wreath that my brother Scott made and gave us for Christmas.  This morning I applied some Watco natural (no color) finish to a few hidden spots on the back to see how it looks.  If I like that, I'm going to carefully finish the whole thing. This will be a bit tricky, as there are a bazillion nooks and crannies that need to get some finish into them.  Penetrating oil finishes (like Watco) aren't brushed on, they're wiped on, and you don't leave any on the surface – it all soaks into the wood.  I've never tried to finish anything like this with penetrating oil!

I've got some work to do today to get ready for our Model X's arrival – mainly, I've got to get our insurance nailed down.  I'm going to do something I haven't done for 20 years or so: consider getting collision insurance.  It will be interesting to see what the quote is for an exotic car like this.

Debbie discovered a great a cappella group yesterday that has a couple of Christmas albums: Home Free.  That got me to wondering if there was a similar group of female singers (Home Free is all male), and that led me quickly to Noteworthy, based out of Salt Lake City.  A few minutes later I had three a cappella Christmas albums downloaded (via iTunes), and I was listening to them.  I'm playing them again right now as I write this.  Beautiful music with just their voices, which awes me no matter how much I listen to it...

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  1. Years ago, at a Michael Buble concert. A band named, "Naturally Seven" was the opening act. They are a capella, but also make the sounds of different musical instruments. It was crazy to know all that sound was coming from them. That are on YouTube. blessed Nativity to you and Debbie, all tucked away in your warm winter's den. From, Celeste in Jamul