Thursday, November 10, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Another busy day – this is starting to feel like a habit!

I got the wiring all finished in our sun room, except that I could not mount the light fixtures as I had planned.  The way the fixtures are constructed I would not be able to take them down for painting, then put them back up later (unless I were to buy 6 more toggle bolts!).  So the lights are all wired up and ready to go, the circuit is tested, but they won't actually go up until next week after the painters finish.  After I got the wiring done I spent the rest of the day cleaning up in the sun room and mud room, getting ready for the flooring guys who are due tomorrow morning.

Our construction guys were here all day today, starting at around 7:30 am when a big load of lumber showed up: 8x8s and lots of redwood planks.  With the 8x8s in hand, the framing underneath the deck went up in a big hurry – the crew of three was all finished by about 1 pm!  I took that last photo just a few minutes ago, shortly before they knocked off for the day.  Tomorrow they'll be back to put the actual deck on, then comes the roof.  Progress!

In the afternoon our fencing guys showed up.  They're hoping to finish up cutting all the panels and building gates by Saturday, then early next week they'll screw them all into place.  They believe they'll be done by Tuesday or Wednesday.  The part they've finished so far looks glorious by comparison with what it's replacing; it will provide us with a nicely secure dog yard.

In the late afternoon, the wallboard repair guy finished the fix-it job to the wallboard I mangled in our laundry room.  It's almost like magic the way these guys can make damage like that just disappear.  Once that texturing is dry, I'll slap a coat of paint on it and nobody will know how I butchered that wall and ceiling!

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