Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Paradise ponders, lovely breakfast edition...

Paradise ponders, lovely breakfast edition...  After some fun card games last night and a good night's sleep, Debbie, Jimmy, Michelle and I headed for Herm's for a great breakfast this morning.  I had carnitas and eggs, Debbie had steak and eggs, Michelle had a BLT, and Jimmy had eggs Benedict.  All of us made yummy noises while we shoveled down the food.

After breakfast we stopped at Smith's downtown so the girls could go shopping for Under Armor.  They came back with shopping bags and excited faces.  This is a phenomenon that I still just do not comprehend (having fun while shopping). 

Then we went for a drive up to Hardware Ranch.  The temperatures were in the low 20s, the scenery wintry.  We expected the road to Ant Flats to be closed, but it was still open – so we drove a few miles out to Miller's ranch, wildlife spotting.  We saw dozens of elk, a few deer, a bald eagle, an American dipper, and a raptor that we're pretty sure was an osprey (it was far enough away that i couldn't positively ID it).  A very nice drive it was, with beautiful scenery in every direction. 

Today's the last full day Jimmy and Michelle will be with us, darn it.  Tomorrow we take them to the airport so they can go home...

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