Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More memories...

More memories ... from my mom's photo collection...

First up: a photo I'm not sure how my sister will react to!  This is my sister Holly and her high school prom date (I have no idea who he was).  The photo isn't dated, but Holly must have graduated in '70 or '71, so presumably that's when this was taken.  On the back, in my mom's handwriting: “Holly Prom, Mom made dress”.  Somehow it reminds me of Hermione Granger entering the Yule Ball with her date. :)

 My mom wrote “Holly” on the back; I guess she thought we wouldn't know (really, mom?).  It's another of those undated studio portraits, probably from school.  I'm guessing she's 13 or 14 in the photo, making this circa '69.

It must be a Holly day, because here's my sister again!  This one is (obviously) much more recent than the two preceding photos.  It's undated and unmarked, and I've no idea what the location is, or anything else about the photo.  Maybe Holly can enlighten us?

Oh my gosh, here's yet another Holly photo!  Again, my mom must have thought we wouldn't recognize her: she wrote “Holly” on the back.  It's another one of those undated, unmarked studio portraits, I'm guessing from the year prior to the second photo above, so circa '68.

This is my brother Mark and his wife Gina, I'm assuming from their wedding in Cancun.  This reminds me very much of my favorite photo of Debbie and I, walking together down the sand in Solana Beach, California.  The photo is dated (by the lab) October 2007, which may actually be correct.  Maybe one of my siblings can fill me in on their wedding date.

Finally, here's a photo of a good family friend.  On the back, in my mom's handwriting: “Tillie Bard Lincoln Maine”.  The photo is undated, but the sticker in the upper right says “Class ‘61”.  That must be her high school class, and I'm assuming this is a photo taken during her graduation year.  I have lots of good memories of Tillie, mainly from the mid-to-late '60s – one very nice lady...

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