Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Academic self-censorship...

Academic self-censorship...  I read things like this and despair ... until I remember that there are places still in the U.S. – like here in northern Utah – where testosterone is still abundant and normative.  One doesn't hear about “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” around here.  Any student who couldn't take (say) the sight of a historical photography of Nazi concentration camp victims (as in the linked article) would most likely be laughed right out of a classroom.

The testosterone-depleted “delicate snowflake” world that apparently exists in a large part of our academia is so different than our experience here that it is sometimes difficult to believe it really exists – until I run into it head-on.  That first happened to me about two years ago, when I started to get comments on my blog posts from offended people; now these are the majority of all comments posted.  I used to answer them, but that was a futile endeavor.  Now I simply delete the post and block the author.  Much easier.  I see the delicate snowflakes on Twitter all the time; so far as I can tell, the tweets aren't satire, they're serious.  So they really must exist, despite their non-existence around here.

What happens to the U.S. when the delicate snowflakes are adults, and in the majority?  That's really hard for me to fathom.  Do we end up with a bifurcated culture, wherein one isolated group of people (possessed of the majority of the testosterone) do all the jobs too rough-and-tumble for the delicate snowflakes?

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