Monday, September 5, 2016

More memories...

More memories ... from my mom's collection of photos.  The four photos here are modern copies of older photos; I don't have the originals.

I think this is my mom, at 2 or 3 (so '37 or '38).  I have no idea where the photo was taken.  There is no date on it, but in the back, in my mom's handwriting, this:
Oh - oh -
Donnie's name for me stuck with Dad
I have no idea what that actually means, nor what name stuck with her dad.  I'm inferring that this is a photo of mom from that note.

This is the woman we called “Aunt Kitty” (though really she wasn't related), and the child is my mom's younger sister Bonnie (my aunt).  It's undated.  I'd have recognized both, but my mom's note on the back clinches it: “Aunt Kitty & Bonnie”.  Interesting that my mom called her Aunt Kitty, just as we did!  If Bonnie was around 7 in that photo, it would have been taken somewhere around '46 or '47, toward the end of the war.  Is it just me, or do Bonnie's head and arms look too big for her body?

 This one, according to my mom's note on the back, shows “Vivian, Betty, and Lillian Audey”.  Betty was her older sister and my aunt.  Lillian was another sister (and my aunt).  I don't recognize Vivian and Audey as sisters, though they both could be – I didn't actually know my mom's family all that well, and other than Aunt Betty and Aunt Bonnie, we didn't see them very often.  I don't know the date or the location.

On the back of this photo, in my mom's handwriting, this:
Elinor Donnie Bonnie – "Bum" Steven Hauxhurst (neighbor in Locust)
From this I'm inferring that the two older kids are (left-to-right) my mom and her brother (my uncle) Donnie, and the two younger kids (left-to-right) are her sister (my aunt) Bonnie, and a neighbor kid Steven.  The dog I'm sure is named “Bum”; mom told stories about that dog, but I'd never seen a photo of him before.  I'm also assuming it was taken in Locust (given Steven's presence), though the house behind them isn't the house I knew in Locust.

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