Monday, September 5, 2016

A morning walk in the country...

A morning walk in the country...  With Mako and Cabo.  They're getting noticeably better with each walk.  This time, though, we did have one small catastrophe: Mako freaked a little bit when our neighbor's horses came running over to see us.  Somehow he managed to wrap his leash around my leg in such a way that it ripped my iPhone right out of my belt pack, and it went tumbling to the concrete in front of our neighbor's barn.  My screen now has two big cracks across it. :(  Everything still seems to work fine, amazingly, so for the moment at least I'm just going to ignore it as strictly a cosmetic issue. 

Today the horses were brave enough to approach us (which caused the little freak out on Mako's part), and the puppies were brave enough to approach them.  Noses were touched, and tails were wagged.  Cuteness hung in the crisp morning air. :)  Some photos:

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