Sunday, September 11, 2016

More memories...

More memories ... from my mom's photo collection.  These photos are all undated, and are all modern copies of older originals (which I do not have).

On the back, in my mom's handwriting: “Uncle Arthur - Harry - Mattie”.  I've heard the names of Uncle Arthur and Aunt Mattie before, but I don't really know who they actually are (or even if they're actual relatives, as opposed to good friends).  Her note names only three of the five, and only Mattie is identifiable to me.  I've no idea when or where this photo was taken.  The original had the bottom right corner torn off it; another photo is showing through.  The gentleman on the right sure looks old-timey, doesn't he?  Suspenders, bow tie, goatee, wire-framed glasses.  Anybody know who these people are?

In my mom's handwriting on the back: “Nancy Joy - Elinor + one of my friends in Lincroft”.  I've never heard the name Nancy Joy before, so I've no idea who that is.  The little girl on the right is my mom, at roughly 5, placing this around 1940 – in the happier days toward the end of the Great Depression and before the U.S. entry into the war.  Lincroft, New Jersey was where one of the homes was that my mom grew up in (they moved several times in her childhood).  It's very suburban now, but was mostly rural when she was young.  Check out that “Gulf” gas station logo on the sign in the background – a few of those were still around 20 years later when I was her age!

Here's two photos of my mom and her brother (my uncle) Donnie, both with “Elinor + Don” in her handwriting on the back.  These appear to have been taken at the same place and time, just with two different poses.  Mom looks to be about 4, placing this around 1939, toward the end of the Great Depression.  In the first photo you can see the lower body of a woman in the background, with one of her hands on each child's shoulder.  There's no indication of who this might be.  She looks too thin to be my grandmother Mable.  I don't recognize the trellis in the background, so I can't place this at all.

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