Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  I had a first-in-my-lifetime experience yesterday that I'd much rather have missed.  While backing Debbie's pickup out of our driveway, I ran into a construction worker's pickup.  It was all my fault – knowing my driveway well, I just used the driver's side mirror to keep my side lined up.  The construction guys had parked to the other side, out of that mirror's view, to unload their tools.  I never saw their truck simply because I never looked in the passenger side mirror.  Smash!  Bang!  Tinkling of glass and plastic everywhere.  Thankfully nobody was hurt at all.  The two pickups?  That's another story altogether.

The rear bumper, side panel, and right taillight on Debbie's Toyota Tundra are smashed beyond repair (see at right).  Some other internal parts are bent, but they can be fixed.  The other pickup had substantially more body damage (Tundras are tougher than Fords, apparently!), but amazingly their taillight was still working.

Our insurance company is covering the damage I did to the other truck.  Our truck doesn't have collision insurance (that never made economic sense for us, as we've never before made a claim on it!).  So I called Hyrum Tire, our local repair shop that we just love, and asked if they did body work.  Nope, they do not.  They did recommend someone, though: Mountain View Auto Body in Hyrum.  I'd never heard of them, but when I looked them up I discovered that they're only a couple of miles from our house!  I drove there yesterday to get an estimate.  Their shop is located in the center of a field, in a building they put up next to their farm house.  It's a father-and-son operation with four bays and modern-looking equipment and software.  Mitch, the proprietor, was as friendly, direct, and straight-shooting as the folks at Hyrum Tire.  He took some quick notes and photos, then used his fancy software to generate an estimate: $2,500, two thirds of which is parts.  Ouch!  But I'm not really complaining; that's less than I had feared it would be.  The truck goes in on Monday for a week-long stay in the “hospital”...

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