Monday, August 15, 2016

Do you need a backup solution?

Do you need a backup solution?  I've been using BackBlaze for almost two years now, and I just had an experience with them that confirms my appreciation of them.  If you need backup (and even if you think you've already got your backup problem solved), go visit that link.

I had my mom's computer backed up through BackBlaze.  I did this after a couple of failures of the backup hard disks I had originally set up for her some years ago.  After she died earlier this year, I needed to wipe her computer clean in preparation for the next person to receive it.  There was about 100GB of data on that computer that I didn't want to lose, and all of that data was backed up on BackBlaze.  I decided to try their USB thumb drive restore delivery service.  They charge $99 for that, but then refund the entire $99 when you return the thumb drive

Well, the short story is that it all worked great.  A few days after I ordered the restore, it showed up in the mail.  A few days after I returned the thumb drive, the refund showed up on my credit card.

So ... in addition to the simplest backup product I've ever used and ridiculously simple recovery of files (via a web page), I can now say with personal experience that their bulk restore system is equally awesome. 

I found out about BackBlaze when I ran into their hard disk statistics, which they publish as a free service to the world.  I've used these on several occasions to guide my purchase of hard disks. 

What a great company and great products!

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