Monday, July 11, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Yesterday afternoon I mowed our back yard and lit off the sprinklers.  This morning the sprinklers were still going, and I had this bejeweled view of our pines in the early morning light.  Shortly after I finished the back yard, I started mowing our “golf course” out front.  About 15 minutes into that effort, the skies opened and it started pouring rain.  The grass got very slippery, and as I was mowing alongside my hand line (irrigation pipe), the mower slid sideways, up and over the pipe, chewing a sprinkler head into about a million pieces.  This was a solid brass RainBird 30 sprinkler, too – warranted for life, but I'm pretty sure not against destruction by mower :)

This morning I ran up to Valley Implement and purchased a replacement sprinkler plus a patch for a hole in the 3" pipe that the mower also made.  The repairs took only a few minutes (once I had the right parts), and after that I mowed the rest of our yard.  I've got the irrigation going now on the front yard, too.  That means I've got a total of 20 sprinkler heads going simultaneously, and thankfully our water pressure is high enough today for that to all work well.

A couple of puppy videos below for your daily puppy fix:

Got my hair cut this morning.  The barber was terribly disappointed that I wouldn't let him trim my beard :)

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