Monday, April 11, 2016

We love living here!, part 39,368...

We love living here!, part 39,368...  Michelle H. comes over every week to do the “heavy cleaning” in our house, for over a year now.  She also takes care of our animals when we're away.  In that time she's become a good friend as well. 

A few days ago, Debbie told her about the frustration she was having with the diaper holders we use for Mo'i – they're not particularly well made, weren't really the right size, and they were losing their elastic.  Michelle offered to make new ones for us, and Debbie asked her if she could make a few.  Today Michelle stopped by with the result: nine of the most beautifully made diaper holders, exactly the right size, with great Velcro closures.  They're so much nicer than the commercial ones we bought!  The red one in the photo at right is all spread out.  It perfectly fits the diapers we're using, and around Mo'i.  And of course, she wouldn't take any money for them.

It's really pretty amazing to live in a place where we're surrounded by such nice people...

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