Monday, April 11, 2016

Obliterated mailbox update...

Obliterated mailbox update...  I just drove down to the post office to send my tax payment in by certified mail (the one time of the year I'm not happy to see our super-nice post master, Brent).  On the way I passed by the place where a car hit our neighbor's mailbox, and I saw what damage was done.  Well, the mailbox was indeed obliterated, but it's not quite the disaster I'd expected.  I thought (from its appearance) that his mailbox post was likely a square concrete post faced with artificial rock (basically stamped and dyed concrete).  It turns out that it's entirely made of plastic – it's a molded plastic thing that just shattered when it was struck.  So I'm guessing that the impact startled the driver this morning, who then turned right for some reason and ran down into the ditch and struck the other side.

Gary's mailbox should be easy and inexpensive to replace :)

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