Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fire in Paradise...

Fire in Paradise...  In our furnace, that is.  Our newly repaired furnace!

The experience reminds us once again of why we love living here.  We had two new furnaces installed in May 2014 to replace the aged ones that came with the house.  The fellow who advised me and did the work – Ryan Osborn, owner of Leading Edge Heating and Air Conditioning (435-994-0666) – recommended a Carrier model and installed them.  He did a great job, cleaning up some shoddy work done on the original furnaces – plus he helped me repair an irrigation riser that I knocked off with my lawn mower (the first of several, alas).

Now fast forward to last week, nearly two years after he installed them.  We had a problem with the downstairs furnace, so I gave him a call.  He instantly accepted responsibility and promised (and delivered) quick action.  Four visits later, plus a trip for his sidekick Joe down to Ogden to pick up parts, they had the problem (which was a weird one, naturally) diagnosed, with the parts covered under warranty.  Today he's going to preemptively order (and later install) the same parts for our other (identical) furnace.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to pay them something for their time, but so far he's not letting me.

This is so different than our normal experience in California – and yet here it's so normal that it is the expectation.  Honesty and hard work are the norm here, and it's still hard for us to get used to that after 40 years in the very different culture of California...

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