Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Canada has a national treasure...

Canada has a national treasure ... named Steve McIntyre.  There should be a way to honor this man for his sober, level-headed analyses of the data that allegedly supports AGW.  He's done it again – no surprise there – and his article is yet another example of why he's been such a mainstay for the AGW skeptics.

I couldn't help but smile at his understated-but-still-devastating conclusion, starting with this paragraph:
The RCS technique used in the LW2005 MXD chronology eliminated high medieval values as a tautology of their method, not as a property of the data.  The Icefields data provides equal (or greater) justification for MXD RCS chronologies with elevated medieval values.
“…a tautology of their method...” indeed.  Translated into language I might use, this says: “The LW2005 MXD chronology is bullshit!” – but he says it much more politely (and with better support) than I ever could.  Do read the whole thing, and carefully – it's yet another Steve McIntyre masterpiece...

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