Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Debbie's pre-op appointment was mainly for the purpose of educating us about the surgery today.  We're to appear at the hospital at noon today, where she'll spend an hour or two in prep, then 10 or 15 minutes (!) in surgery, then an hour or two in recovery (mainly waking up from the general anesthesia).  I double-checked on the duration of the surgery – they really meant 10 or 15 minutes!  Somehow that sounds insanely fast to me, but from what I've been able to read, that is quite a normal duration.  Wow!

We had an unexpected bit of excitement here yesterday.  A year and a half ago we “reserved” a Tesla Model X (their SUV).  We had no idea how long it would take to actually get it, so we've been waiting patiently for them to tell us.  Yesterday we got an email from them telling us it was time to go configure (meaning: select the options, color, etc.) our car.  We went through their online configurator, and (unlike the Toyota experience) were able to choose exactly what bits and pieces we wanted.  Tesla still hasn't told us when we'd actually take delivery, though – other than to say “early 2016”.  I'll translate that as “first half” and be pleased if we see it before July 1st  :)

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