Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Just talked with Debbie's surgeon...

Just talked with Debbie's surgeon ... who had just finished working on her.  It was all good news: no surprises, no problems, and (best of all) he found a meniscus tear in exactly the right spot to cause the symptoms she was experiencing.  He was able to trim that meniscus up nice and neat, and also “sanded” off a few spots on one of the “knobs” of her knee joint.  Overall, the surgeon said her knee is in great shape – especially considering the injuries she's had over the past couple of years.  I have photos (taken during the arthroscopic procedure) that I'll share after we get home.

Big sigh of relief here!

Debbie's in the recovery room right now, coming out of anesthesia.  She'll be back in the hospital room (where I am) shortly, and then an hour or so later we'll be headed home...

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