Friday, January 15, 2016

Gaming the system...

Gaming the system...  Megan McArdle has a useful post up, explaining how it appears that Obamacare customers (victims?) are gaming the system, and how that's undermining the entire financial underpinnings of Obamacare.

As I look around at news reports and our own experiences with Obamacare, it looks to me like the unraveling is (a) already well underway, and (b) damned close to inevitable.  I've been surprised by how many people I've met who have no comprehensive understanding of how Obamacare works – but who know at expert level exactly how they can get around the rules to their personal advantage.  That's the very essence of “gaming the system”. 

This particular game is tilted in favor of two groups: the young and healthy, and people making less than roughly $100k a year.  Those two groups are, of course, not mutually exclusive – quite the opposite.  We're in neither group, so our best bet (at the moment, anyway) seems to be to survive until Medicare eligibility.  Until then, we get to help pay for everyone else's healthcare.  And I won't be a bit surprised to discover that when I reach 65, the rules have been changed in a way that steals even more of our money.  If Bernie Sanders gets elected, burying money is going to look quite attractive...

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