Friday, January 15, 2016

Data tampering...

Data tampering...  Tony Heller has a great (and typically detailed) post up that shows rather convincingly how NASA has tampered with their weather data to bolster the case for anthropogenic global warming (AGW). 

This tampering is accomplished in a manner that's familiar to anyone who watches what the government does: they didn't lie about the actual data – they just “adjusted” it.  They adjusted the hell out of it. 

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you know another blatant example of this data tampering: the way the Bureau of Labor Statistics presents unemployment.  The number that gets the publicity is not the actual number of unemployed people (though that's what most people believe), but rather an “adjusted” number.  That adjusted number shows a far lower unemployment percentage than the actual reality.

This tampering is just as blatant.  The graph at upper right is one of the “tells”: it shows how much the actual measured temperature has been adjusted for various years.  The numbers that NASA presents are the measured temperatures plus this adjustment.  If the measured temperatures stayed perfectly flat (and in fact they're not far off that), then after adjustment they'd show – what a surprise! – the infamous “hockey stick” increase.

Corruption takes many forms.  This is one of them...

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