Monday, December 28, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Early in the afternoon we ate another wonderful meal that Debbie cooked in the morning.  The main course was a lentil soup that had lots of Italian sausage.  Along with it we had garlicky cheese bread made with Crumb Brothers French bread, asiago cheese, Monterey Jack, mayonnaise green onions, and garlic.  Both the soup and the bread were simply wonderful.  The bread was ridiculously rich; that one piece was all I could manage.  We have lots of leftovers from both the soup and the bread.  Yay!

In the evening we watched the last (probably) of our Christmas movies this year: The Shop Around the Corner, with Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, and about ten actors we just saw in It's a Wonderful Life :)

No deer bothered our bird feeders yesterday.  We're not sure if that's just by chance, or because raising the one feeder actually helped. 

The forecast now calls for a gradual warming over the next week, with one day having a high above freezing (January 5th).  That would seem positively balmy at this point :)

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