Monday, December 28, 2015

California's kids...

California's kids ... are being mistreated by their government, again.  This time, Governor Moonbeam has decided that it's no longer important that California's high school students pass their final exam in order to get a high school diploma.  Nope, now you can fail that final exam and get your diploma anyway.

If that sounds terrible to you, don't worry – it doesn't make as much difference as you might think.  California's high school programs were already dumbed down so much that eliminating the final exam is but a minor change.  It's emblematic, though, of the educational lunacies perpetrated by the state's CTA-controlled government.

If I were a California employer who hired “high school graduates”, what would I think of this latest move?  I can only think of one rational response: to completely ignore whether an applicant has a high school diploma.  That certification now means utterly nothing.  Other means of evaluation will have to be found.  Since most kinds of testing are illegal now, that leaves some sort of provisional hiring (try-before-you-buy) is likely going to become the norm.  I'm not sure that's actually bad, mind you – certifications never tell the whole story anyway.  Even a worthwhile high school diploma tells you next to nothing about an individual's honesty, work ethic, etc.  In California, it used to tell you something about academic achievement (though in the past couple of decades that's been severely compromised).  Now it quite overtly tells you nothing at all about that, either!

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  1. I think I may have mentioned to you before that my Son passed the CA exit exam on his first try... and he could barely read and was certainly incapable of anything beyond about 5th grade math.