Monday, November 16, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Another busy day today!  First we went to see Debbie's doctor.  She's been having some pain in her knee, making it painful to walk – and to make progress in her recovery.  Tendinitis in the patella tendon was the diagnosis, and she's going to start treatment for that tomorrow.  The treatment is a steroid-infused patch for her knee, with a battery that drives the steroid from her skin into the tendon.  Amazing medical technology these days!  We're hoping for a fast cure for this latest challenge.

When we finished with the doctor's appointment, we headed out to the cabin we're buying near Newton.  Today was the final walkthrough; our last chance to voice objections before we formally take possession.  We were very pleasantly surprised – the sellers did a bang-up job cleaning up the mess that we saw on our last visit.  We found absolutely nothing to worry about.

The next step after that happened later this afternoon: the formal “closing”.  We've done this several times in California, and I did it once in Utah (for our Paradise home).  Debbie had never before seen the difference between closing in California versus closing in Utah.  The short version: California took a couple hours and something like 100 signatures.  Utah took 7 minutes and 3 signatures.  Done!  Before we went into the title company office to do the closing (they do it here, not escrow companies as in California), I wired the money to their trust account.  Three signatures and a handshake, and now we're the owners.  So easy here, and so straightforward.  The recording will happen either this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.  After that, the process is completely done!

After we got home from the closing, I went out to talk with Elray the well driller.  He worked away as we talked, and he told me he was hoping to get through a clay layer and into water-bearing sandstone shortly.  A few minutes later, he did – and by the purest luck, I was there to see it.  I stayed out with him for about an hour as he went through the process of deepening the hole into the sandstone, and backing out the drill by 25' or so to “proof” the well (testing to see if good, clear water was coming up).  He's going to be proofing the rest of the day today, and part of tomorrow, but as of now it looks like we have good water – at 321'.  If things still look good tomorrow, he's going to weld about 4 more feet of casing on top and pound it down so that the bottom of the casing is resting on top of the water-bearing sandstone.  This will keep the water as clean as possible by keeping it out of the clay layer above the sandstone.  All good!

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