Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paradise ponders...

Paradise ponders...  Elray the well driller isn't having the good fortune we'd wish him to have.  In the past couple of days, he ran into a sand-filled stratum (but with lots of sandy water!), then 18" of rock that he was just barely able to pound the casing through, followed by another 18" of sandy stratum.  Today he'll be drilling down below that, and hopefully he'll run into some decent water.  The worst case is that he'll punch holes in the side of the casing way back up at 120', and we'll use the less-than-excellent water found there.  With lots of water treatment.  We're not too unhappy about this, as the well is just backup for our spring, but still ... we'd rather have a good backup rather than one that's just merely acceptable...

We had a meeting yesterday with a collection of people interested in perfecting the water delivery to the parcels we have a contingent offer down on.  All seemed completely reasonable (an encouraging sign), but surprisingly cowed by the water board (who makes the decisions regarding water distribution).  The result of this meeting: Bruce N. (my realtor) and I will be making first contact with the chairman of the water board and with another member of the board with broad influence.  Should be interesting!  I'm really curious why these folks are so afraid of the water board.  Perhaps I'll find out in this meeting :)

Over the past couple of days I've had two tool chests delivered.  The first one is assembled and ready to go, and it's a beauty: solid oak, very well made, with lots and lots of drawers to put things in.  The smaller top chest Debbie now lusts for as a jewelry cabinet :).  The second tool chest is all steel, and appears to be a kit (I haven't actually opened the boxes yet).  Assembling that is today's project.  Yes, I shall have photos.  This afternoon my welder is due to arrive, and tomorrow my plasma cutter should get here.  Lots of new toys to play with!

Yesterday I got to spend a couple hours working on the electronic clock.  I've got the 60 Hz timing source built and tested, and I'm now working on the prescaler, which divides the 60 Hz by 60 to get a 1 Hz source for the seconds stage.  This kit is beautifully done, with a great manual and very clear directions.  Highly recommended!

Take a gander at our 10 day forecast:

That darned global warming is bringing us an early winter!  It is not normal to have this much cold and snow before Thanksgiving here...

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  1. You should build a cesium atomic clock and measure the vibrations of the atoms for your timing. I mean, if you're gonna do it.... do it well! lol