Sunday, November 29, 2015

Finished, but non-working clocks in Paradise (and some other thoughts)...

Finished, but non-working clocks in Paradise (and some other thoughts)...  Well, I've installed the last component in that clock kit.  When I fired it up, the hours were stuck on "12" and nothing I did could make it budge.  Yay!  Another problem to troubleshoot!  But not tonight...

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a busy day. 

First we have Debbie's surgical followup visit.  The last time we saw the doctor, about two weeks ago, he expected much improvement by now on her tendonitis.  There is some improvement, but not nearly enough to satisfy Debbie (or me).  We're hoping for some better plan of action.

When we get home, the solar installers are due here for the final step of our solar installation: getting the networking up and running, so the system can be remotely monitored.  I've got everything all ready to go, network-wise, whether they choose to use WiFi or direct wiring.  It really should be easy to get this working, but you just never know what might go wrong :)

Then I'm going to start packing for my trip!

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