Friday, October 9, 2015

This is so stupid!

This is so stupid!  First, the headline:
Wind now competes with fossil fuels. Solar almost does.
Why do I say this is stupid?  It sounds awesomely sweet, doesn't it?  A green dream come true.

Except it's only true if you neglect one niggling little fact: that wind and solar power are massively subsidized by government, while fossil fuels are massively penalized.

It's as if they're saying that Mercedes-Benz limousines cost no more than a Ford Focus, and forget to mention that the government (with your tax dollars!) is paying a $150,000 subsidy for each of those Mercedes-Benzs.

Why, it's almost as if they writers (in Fortune magazine, no less) think we're all stupid or something!

Oh, wait...


  1. while fossil fuels are massively penalized.


    1. Yes, really. Those subsidies are, of course, real - and there are other things that might be considered fossil fuel subsidies as well. However, those dwarfed by the taxes imposed on fossil fuels.