Saturday, October 3, 2015

Morning walk in Paradise...

Morning walk in Paradise...  The dogs (Miki and Race) were excited this morning, because for the first time in three days they got to go on our morning walk.  It was wet and muddy from the rain the past two days, but at least it wasn't raining on us this morning!  Photos from our walk below.

Yesterday we picked up a fifty pound bag of corn for “Bucky”, the injured buck who's staying on our property.  I put some out yesterday, and this morning it was all gone.  I've put out some more now.  We figured we'd better feed him since Scott N. mowed and baled all the alfalfa that he's been living on.

The big attraction of today's walk, for me, was all the dramatic lighting.  For the dogs, it was the smells that the wetness brought to them, plus the 8 million piles of dirt from the voles digging new tunnels in the rain-softened soil.  Those piles make the dogs so happy to smell!  They must be drenched in vole stink!

In the next-to-last photo below, you can see the five birches I just planted, along with (in the background, toward the left) one of the three willows.  This is for those readers who complained that I had all that verbiage about planting them, and no photos!

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