Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pouring, it is...

Pouring, it is...  The skies just opened up here, with buckets of water sheeting down.  Up to this moment, the storm has dropped 1.8" on us – well ahead of the forecast.  The screen grab at right shows the radar image (if you look carefully, you can find the little ⊕ symbol that marks where Paradise is).  That red blob marks the intense rain, and the edge of it just hit us.  There's more to come.  North of us we see lots and lots of lightning.

At left is the scene outside our north-facing second floor windows.  You can see the choke cherries in the middle, just starting to turn color.  The rain isn't quite so obvious in the photo, but trust me on this: it's coming down cats and dogs.  Big ones!

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