Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Morning in Paradise...

Morning in Paradise...  Yesterday morning and this morning, I took Race and Miki on our usual morning walk.  They've missed it for the past week while I was visiting with my mom.  They practically tore my arm off when they figured out where we were going :)  It feels great to me, too, to get back into the routine.

We had a gentle, light rain for most of last night.  I'm not sure how much we actually got, as my rain gauge overflowed while I was on my trip – but I'll guess it was about a quarter inch.  This continues the unusually wet summer we've been having.

Our walk was full of the aromas raised by the rain last night.  The sky was still cloudy, and the air was slightly hazy from the evaporating groundwater.  The farmers are all still running their irrigation, so I know we didn't get anywhere near an inch of rain.  We saw three yellow-headed blackbirds along the irrigation canal in front of our house – first of those we've seen on our property, though they're fairly common in Cache Valley.  We also saw lots of hawks perching anywhere they could along the edges of fields.  I know the rodents (especially voles) are active diggers right after a rain, so I speculate that the hawks know this and are looking for a fast food meal.  Go, hawks, go!  And come down to my field, please!!!

Some photos from this morning:

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