Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Yesterday my new woodworking bench was delivered.  'Tis a thing of beauty, it is – just over 300 pounds of solid maple.  It's strong, stable, and has two outstanding wood vises built right in.  There are dog holes in all the right places.  It's just the right height.  Just gorgeous!

You may remember that I cleaned up and organized the shop to get ready for this delivery.  All the big pieces of gear are more-or-less in their final position (though there are four wheeled tools in the “parking lot” that I'll roll out as needed).  That also means that I was ready to take some photos for the first time.  The two wide, short photos (the last two) are 180° panoramas from opposite sides of the room.

In the first photo you see the north end of the shop, with part of the dust collection system, the band saw (currently on wheels, but I think I'm going to remove them) and the table saw.  The second photo shows the south end of the shop, with the drill press, the “parking lot”, the grinder, the lathe, the coping saw, and of course the bench.  In the fourth photo you see the “parking lot” where the less-often-used tools are stored: planer, jointer, shaper, and (far right) the compound sliding miter saw.  The sixth photo shows the air compressor (hiding behind the bench), the space to the right of it where a vertical “dry” compressed air tank will go, and the dust collection system.  The first panorama was taken from the center of the west side, looking east; the second was taken from the center of the east side looking west.

After I took these photos I started building the wooden parts of the stake bed ATV trailer I bought the chassis for about a month ago.  Using the wood shop – woot woot!

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