Saturday, July 4, 2015

Odd sightings in Paradise...

Odd sightings in Paradise...  Last night, as Debbie and I were settling down to go to sleep, our phone rang.  It was our neighbor Alan, sounding very excited, telling me that a moose was headed straight for our front yard!

He wasn't kidding.  When I poked my head out our front door, there was indeed a moose standing right next to my pickup truck.  I managed to get a couple photos of it (below) with my iPhone.  Alan showed up shortly thereafter, carrying his Nikon with a telephoto lens attached; he told me he got some good photos (and maybe he'll share).  Click to embiggen:

Shortly after I took these photos, Alan approached trailing a gaggle of excited kids.  They clambered all over the back of my pickup, looking for a safe place to watch the moose.  The moose wasn't excited about all this attention, and wandered off into the irrigation canal, about 200' from where I took these photos.  Alan and the kids left, and then a milk delivery man drove in – and was quite startled to find a moose standing in front of his truck!  He and I walked around behind the moose to encourage it to head to the west, away from the highway.  That worked very well – the moose ran completely around our house, and into my neighbor Tim's alfalfa field.  Eventually it ran into Tim's yard and toward his garden (which I hope survived intact), then back out of his yard and into the irrigation canal.  Last I saw, it was in that canal, hiding from the nasty cars and people, and with a 5 strand barbed wire fence between it and the highway.  I haven't heard anything about what happened after that.

You just never know what you're going to see in Paradise :)

Now here's something that's nowhere near as exciting, but I liked it anyway.  It's what happened two days after I watered a piece of ground that had some sweet peas growing on it:

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