Saturday, July 4, 2015

ObamaCare premiums set to soar...

ObamaCare premiums set to soar...  More details here

While I was at the dentist the other day, we were talking about the impact of ObamaCare.  They've seen a precipitous drop in insured patients, as when local employers switched to ObamaCare-compliant insurance policies, they all dropped dental insurance.  Why?  Cost, of course.  That got me to thinking about our health insurance, and what it would be like if (as projected) our premiums rise by 30 to 35%.

Right now – before any projected rise – our healthcare insurance is by far the largest monthly expense we have.  Our home is not mortgaged, but even if it were the mortgage payment would be smaller than our monthly health insurance bill. 

If the premium rises by 30%, our healthcare insurance payment will be greater than all our other monthly payments combined.  In other words, more than half of our minimum monthly living expense.  More than groceries, gas, home and car insurance, power, phone, TV, and Internet combined.  And this is for a health insurance policy with such high deductibles and co-payments that we are out of pocket more than $10,000 for the year (mainly because of Debbie's two injuries) on top of the insurance premiums.

What a crazy world we live in...

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