Thursday, July 9, 2015

Back from the endodontist...

Back from the endodontist ... and I got to keep my tooth.  At right is an X-ray (click to embiggen) of my tooth after the root canal was finished.  The three long, whitish “tentacles” heading up and to the left are the root canals that were drilled, filed, disinfected, filled, sealed, and capped.  This is an upper molar on the right side of my mouth.  The dentist (Dr. Justin Thornton) used a modern digital X-ray system to take this and two others.  The output is a standard jpg file, so it was easy for them to share it with me.

Just like my other medical and dental experiences here, this one was all positive.  As usual, my appointment started right on time.  The staff, from Marlane (the receptionist), the assistant, and Dr. Thornton himself, were all friendly, warm, and caring.  I particularly noted that awkward or uncomfortable positions (like head keeled very far backward) were asked of me only when actually needed.  It may seem obvious, but ... this is the first time that's ever happened to me during a dental procedure. 

Dr. Thornton was impressively efficient – whenever he had to wait for something (such as for the numbing injections to take effect), he went to another room to work on another patient.  The last third or so of the job he did on me was actually kind of fun for me to watch, as he and his assistant conducted what looked like a choreographed high-speed ballet-of-the-hands.  Things were happening so fast and furiously that I totally lost track of what was going on.  Tools and materials were flying back and forth over my face at breakneck speed.

My bottom line: if you need an endodontist, I recommend Dr. Thornton.  He and his staff were great!

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