Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Any twinge of hopefulness I was feeling today...

Any twinge of hopefulness I was feeling today ... was completely destroyed by reading this story.

Some commenters said that the judge (a judge!) didn't get the big picture.  I don't think the judge (a judge!) gets any part of the picture, big or little.

The average IQ is 100 (because definition).  I'm fairly certain that at least one of our dogs (Miki) has above human-average IQ.  That's not a good message about humanity, even though Miki is a pretty darned smart little dog.

His latest demonstration of high IQ?  A few days ago I walked upstairs in our house, while the dogs were all kept in the kitchen by a doggie gate.  Or so I thought – but as I sat down in my office chair, I discovered Miki, tail wagging furiously with happiness.  He curled up by my feet and stayed there for an hour or so.  Then I went back downstairs with him, and discovered that the gate was closed.  The gate is too tall for him to jump over.  How the heck did he get out of the kitchen?

A couple of days (and escapes) later, I caught him in the act.  The clever little guy figured out that he could jump onto a kitchen chair, walk across the kitchen table, jump over to a little table we have near the gate, and then leap over the gate.  That first chair is a good 10' from the gate.  Somehow he figured all this out.  I've employed people who wouldn't have been able to do that :)

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