Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why did nobody ever tell us?

Why did nobody ever tell us?  This morning Debbie and I changed our bedclothes.  Part of this effort included inserting a comforter into a duvet, something we've done about 10,000 times over the past 30+ years.  While trying to find a corner in the duvet, I noticed a pair of cloth ribbons, about 8" long, sewn into the inside of the corner. 

What could that be?  A tie?  To tie the corner of the comforter in place?  Working on that theory, I checked inside of all four corners, and sure enough: there are ribbons in all of them.  Who knew?

So then Debbie and I decided to try tying the corner of the comforter with the ties.  We weren't quite sure how we were going to do that, but it sounded like it would make the clumsy process of inserting the comforter a bit easier.  So we got the comforter in place, and then I went to tie the first corner – and discovered that the comforter had a handy loop right where we'd need it to make the tie work.  In a jiffy we had the comforter tied into the right place, inside the duvet, and in fact that was much easier than the corner-holding and shaking we've been doing all these years.

Duvets come with insider corner ties?  Comforters come with matching tie loops?  We checked our other comforters and duvets.  Yup.  Ties and loops in all of them.

How the hell could we have been doing this for over three decades without once even suspecting that those ties and loops existed?  And why are we completely surrounded by cruel people who never told us?

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