Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Yesterday I went to Seeholzer Vision in Logan and had my eyeballs examined.  I'd been there once before, last year, to get a pair of glasses repaired.  This time I needed an exam, plus I needed new glasses to replace the ones I melted last week while tending the bonfire.

Dr. Seeholzer is a second-generation optometrist – his dad started the practice over 60 years ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, which isn't at all what I expected!  Dr. Seeholzer (who asked to be called “Jeff”) is an affable fellow, happy to answer my questions in any amount of detail I wanted.  His exam was thorough, as was his review of my optometric history (which, unfortunately, he thought was interesting :).

I'm starting to think that appointments being honored on time is some kind of cultural norm here, just as in California it seem to be the norm for all appointment times to be basically ignored.  My appointment yesterday was for 9:15 am, and I was ushered into the exam room (and the exam was started) at 9:13.  Amazing!

This morning I hooked up my sprayer to the ATV, and sprayed ... just about every conceivable place on our property.  I used 67% 2,4-D at 2.5 ounces per gallon (a 25% increase from last time), and sprayed our entire lawn, the field borders, the area between the irrigation canal and the highway, the non-lawn areas around our outbuildings, the dirt piles leftover from the shed construction, and a bunch of weed “hot spots” scattered all over the place.  I'd made two batches of spray, 40 gallons each, and all the spraying on our place used 72 gallons.  The extra 8 gallons I sprayed on our neighbor's property (after getting permission, of course!), so they got a free second dosage on part of their yard.  I ran out about a third of the way through their lawn :)

Debbie's been making great progress on recovering from her fall in March.  Today she's feeling good enough to start cleaning up the agility court area of the shed, to get it ready for installing foam.  She's been going on about half our walkies, too.  It's great to see her getting better!

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