Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The rise of creamy yogurt...

The rise of creamy yogurt...  Well, here's another case where the U.S. is over 20 years behind Europe.  Click the first link to read the article.  The bottom line: U.S. yogurt manufacturers are starting to offer tastier yogurts made from whole milk (depending on where you live, that means 5% to 8% butterfat). 

I first ran into these “full fat” yogurts on a trip to Estonia, while buying my lunch from a grocery store (a favorite mini-adventure of mine).  The labels on the yogurts were mostly not in English, but I could make out the butterfat analysis on most of them anyway.  Some of the German brands had butterfat contents as high as 18%!  I still remember the first time I had one of those – a little container of German strawberry yogurt.  It was to U.S. low-fat yogurt as Hagen-Daz is to ice milk.  I thought my brains were going to fall out.

We still have a ways to go to hit that European yogurt yummy goodness.  But any step along the way is bound to be better than what we used to have.  I can hardly wait to find this in our local stores!

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