Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  We drove up to Home Depot to get a few things we needed, and on the way up our neighbor (Tim D.) called us.  It seems that a wandering driveway sealing guy was going house-to-house looking for customers.  Tim is a retired paving supervisor for a large highway construction company; he knows this stuff inside and out.  He'd used this guy in the past, and he'd done good work.  Tim also knew that we were looking to get our driveway sealed, so he called us to make sure it was ok to sic this guy on our driveway.  We said “Hell yes!” and while we were at Home Depot the fellow measured our driveway's area.  He'll be back tomorrow morning to actually do the job: pressure-wash our driveway, then apply the sealer (hot pure asphalt, with no fillers of any kind).  All for about 1/3 the price of a crappy sealing job (with no cleaning) in California.  Sweet!

The imminent driveway sealing derailed me for the day, though – I had to run around like mad to move everything that was sitting on the pavement.  That took a couple hours, and a lot of muscle work.  But 'tis done!

Debbie, meanwhile, started actually installing the foam for the floor of her (soon-to-be) indoor agility court.  As I write this, about half the foam is down, except for one skinny row near a wall.  For that row, we've got to cut each “tile” before we lay it down.  We do that with a hot knife: easy, but tedious and needing a steady hand.  Another couple days and we'll have all that installed – and then there will be a couple of very happy dogs turned loose on this beautiful blue agility practice court!

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