Saturday, June 6, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Debbie's doing fine.  There were a few changes today.  The most noticeable one: she developed a spectacular shiner (a black eye), with a dark blue/purple bruise extending nearly all the way around her eye.  This afternoon that same part of her face swelled, but it has since gone back down.  The pain and swelling in various other places is starting to recede.  The pain medication she's taking is an excellent appetite suppressant, but I managed to find some food that she enjoyed: french fries and turkey salad from a place that's new to us.  It's called “Juniper”, and it's located in downtown Logan.   Our neighbor Tim D. recommended it to us for the soups (which I bought some of, but we haven't tried yet).  I tried a halibut sandwich, and it was just plain delicious.  The fish was perfectly done, and there was plenty of it – on a nice bun that tasted homemade, though there are enough great bakeries here that it could be store-bought.  It's clear this is a place that we will return to.

In between other things today, I managed to get the lawn mowed.  I also mowed down about an acre of weeds to the west of our house.  Things are looking much neater around the homestead :)

I took the dogs for a walk in which we passed a neighbor's pasture that is currently the home to a couple of beautiful horses.  The horses were interested in the dogs, and vice versa.  Race got a good nose-rub in with the second of the horses in the photos below:

I've posted a couple photos of the robin chicks, in a low nest built in a half-dead tree in our front yard.  Here's what they looked like today – they're outgrowing their puny nest:

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