Saturday, June 6, 2015

Light blogging alert...

Light blogging alert...  On Thursday evening I took our dogs for a short walk just before we planned to retire.  When I came back in the house, Debbie was sitting on the bottom of the stairs, looking dazed and a bit confused.  She'd fallen down the stairs just a minute or so earlier – she'd been walking down them in her stocking feet, and the slipped out from under her.  I saw her hand swelling up rapidly, and she was feeling pain in her knee (the one she broke two years ago), head (which had a big bump), and hand.  Time for the ER.

There we had the same general sort of experience we've had before with medical care here – all good.  The people, in particular, were wonderful.  The ER doctor on duty was the same fellow who saw Debbie after her fall in March.  When we walked in, she was the only patient there – but soon afterward, the ER filled up, so naturally things got a little slower.  We were there for a couple hours.  They got her on pain medication quickly, then it was X-ray time.  Lots of X-rays, from head to toe.  The good news: nothing was broken.  The bad news: lots of bruising, a broken vein in her hand (hence the swelling), and the pain in the knee (twice injured already) is worrisome.  We've got an MRI scheduled for next Tuesday to get the knee checked out more thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Debbie is doped up and laid up.  I'm taking care of all the things she normally does, plus helping her out as needed.  She can't (yet) walk or get around on her own, so there's lots to do.

So blogging will be light...

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