Thursday, June 18, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Today's the big day for Debbie.  We're off to see the surgeon today; it's the evaluation for her torn meniscus repair surgery.

I went walking with the dogs early this morning.  Our routine walk (past the barley field at right) turned into something very non-routine, though, when Race decided to take off chasing voles through a just-mowed alfalfa field.  He ran about a mile north of me; I could hardly even make him out.  I tied Mo'i and Miki to a fence post and took off after Race.  Only by jogging about 3/4 of a mile could I get close enough for him to hear me, and even then he was reluctant to come to me.  I finally wrassled him into a leash – which is where he's going to stay.  Forever.

Our neighbor's 11 year old boy (Nicolas S.) and I helped our mutual neighbor Tim D. move his irrigation pipes this morning.  The pressure has been low for a couple days, but this morning it's back up, so Tim was eager to get his four strings of pipe up and running on his alfalfa.  He's also wetting down some mustard so that Nicolas and his siblings can pull it out later today.

Yesterday afternoon we took delivery of some carpet stair treads.  They're quite nicely made, and Debbie is very happy with the color and design.  I'll be installing them today and tomorrow...

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