Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just listen...

Just listen ... to this whiny, self-important little mind: Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans.  The author is one Lee Siegel, best known for his sock-puppetry at The New Republic a few years back.  This conspicuous moron:
  • Chose to go to colleges with expensive tuitions
  • Chose to borrow the money to do so
  • Willingly accepted the offered loan
...and then has the unmitigated gall to deliberately default on repayment of the loan, because it would inconvenience him.

This is what we get when we encourage a culture of entitlement – morons who believe they're entitled to have the rest of us pay for whatever they want.

I have no patience for that attitude, and I am not willingly going to pay for his chioces.  Our student loan programs may be administered by idiots, and they are most definitely contributing to the high cost of college these days (especially when college is more about the amenities and the partying than the education), but still: it was his choice to partake.  Lee Siegel and the others like him should have their student loan payments extracted from them by force if that's what it takes...


  1. I especially like that he went to graduate school as well. He finished his degree, and then went back for *more* debt.

  2. I was getting physically agitated reading that article. I wanted to find him and slap him silly. But then I remembered that I actually know quite a few people like him, but with even less writing talent. And then I remembered the outcome of the last Presidential election. And I felt the doom...