Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tired and sore in Paradise...

Tired and sore in Paradise...  My workout with the Mormon horde yesterday pushed my muscles and skeletons a little further than they wanted to go :)  I'm going to take the day off from any physical work today.  I need to recover!

We had a very nice dinner last night with Sheila Miller, her sister, and a good friend of theirs.  We met at Cafe Sabor, and as usual, the food was very good.  The friend and I were the designated drivers.  The other three hogged down multiple flagons of alcohol mixed with various things to disguise its flavor.  By the time we were ready to leave the restaurant those three were ... very happy.  The evening was full of good conversation and funny dog stories.  Sheila's sister (Debbie) is a gifted storyteller, at least when she can keep track of the story line.  That got harder after the first margarita :)

When we left for the restaurant, our storm total rainfall stood at 9/10ths of an inch.  It rained the entire time we were gone, sometimes hard (according to the weather radar).  As soon as it's light this morning, I'll check the gauge – but I'd bet we're well over an inch now.  There is much relief amongst the farmers here, who have all been quite worried about the possibility of severe drought.  That doesn't appear to be much of a concern any more!

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